The Slog

Several years ago, an idea was brainstormed to try and raise money for charity. The crazy idea of riding a push bike from Pakenham to Sale was suggested. The idea of riding to Sale was so crazy that many people got behind it and said "I'll do that" - and the idea kept going. In 2003, there were 15 riders who raised $1,600. Each year, the figures have steadily increased, with $21,500 being raised in 2006 by 98 riders, $28,000 in 2008 by 118 riders and 115 riders raised $32,000 in 2009.

As of 2010, the Slog to Sale was officially renamed, and is now known as The Slog. The reason for the name change is simple- the ride no longer goes to Sale. Instead, it is three separate loops that travel through the country towns of West Gippsland and up into the Strzelecki Ranges. We had hoped that this change to a more scenic and challenging ride along quieter roads would attract more riders and raise more funds for the 4C's Crisis Relief Centre, which it did! In 2011 we had 200+ riders and raised more than $35,000. The following year a record 330+ riders helped donate $40,000 to the 4C's.

Each year we run the event we learn more about how we can improve it for the following year, being very grateful for the feedback received. The Slog is organised by volunteers who want make a positive impact in our community, we see The Slog as a practical and fun way to help those that need it most. The Slog has proudly become one of the biggest fundraisers for the 4C's Crisis Relief Centre, raising over $400,000 since the first ride. No-one on The Slog committee has or will ever receive any payment or donation for organising the ride. 100% of rider entry fees & sponsorship is donated to the 4Cs.